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◆ Introduction
◆ Typing Chinese
◆ Typing Japanese
◆ Typing Korean



InputKing Online Input System is a browser based multilingual input method editor (IME). With this powerful tool, you can immediately type Chinese, Japanese or Korean on almost any computer in the world that has a Internet access.

InputKing is an online tool. It is not a software that can be installed on a local computer.

When you use InputKing, you must type in the InputKing editor first, then copy the text and paste it to another place. If you are using IE, you just need to click the "Copy All" button in the InputKing editor to do the copy. If you are using another kind of browser, you need to click "Select All" button (or highlight the text with mouse), and then push "Ctrl + C" keys. To paste the text, usually you can use "Ctrl + V" keys.